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Windows 7 Ultimate Lite 32bit [Mediafire] Full Version
2011-04-08, 11:42 PM
Windows 7 Ultimate Lite Full Version

OS Name:Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Language:English (United States)

+ Accessibilty: Use the accessibility wizard and tools to configure your system to meet vision,hearing, and mobility needs.
+ Character Map: Utility which displays all the characters available in the fonts.
+ Game:
All games:
-Spider Solitaire
-Purble Place
+ Infared File Transfer Application: Complete support for this type of hardware.
+ Mobility Center: Mobility center is a central location for managing Mobile options for laptops or Notebooks.
+ People Near Me: People Near Me is a service that identifies people nearby on your local network who are using computers and allows those people to send you invitations for programs.
+ Projector Connectivity: Network projector is a shared resource that you can access from your mobile PC. You can connect to any available network projector over a wireless or a wired network.
+ Speech Support: Lets you interact with your computer using your voice.You can dictate documents and e-mails in commonly used programs, and use voice commands to start and switch between applications,
control the operating system, and even fill out forms on the web.

+ Welcome Center: Small application used to introduce you to the new features of the operating system. Once you saw it gets annoying if you reinstall a lot.
+ Windows Repair Disc: System recovery disc creator
+ Windows side show: Enables Windows PCs to drive a variety of auxiliary display devices connected to the main PC.
+ Wordpad
+ TV Tuners: Needed for:-Media Center
+ Floppy driver
+ Smart card driver
+ Bluetooth
+ Language pack: Remove All
Hardware Support
+ Firewire (1394)
+ Floppy Disk Support
+ TV Tuner support
+ XBOX 360 Controller
+ Mobile PC pressentation: Presentation settings are options on your mobile PC that you can apply when giving a presentation.
If you've ever had your display screen turn black during a presentation, you'll appreciate that you can automatically turn off your screen saver every time you give a presentation.
+ Sample Music and Video
+ Sample Picture
+ Sound Recorder: Simple sound recording application.
+ Windows DVD Marker: A Windows DVD Maker project file contains information about the video,
pictures, and audio files that you've added into Windows DVD Maker, as well as the menu style and other customizations you might have made for the current DVD.
+ Windows ISO Burn: An ISO file, also called a disc image, is a single file that’s a copy of an entire data CD or DVD.
When you burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file, the new disc has the same folders, files, and properties as the original disc.
+ Windows Sounds
+ Media Center
+ Connect To Network Projector: A network projector is a video projector that's connected to a wireless or wired local area network (LAN).
+ Internet Information Services(IIS): Internet Information Services is a Web server, if you host a web site or you need it for some college related tasks leave it.
+ Remote Desktop And Assistance: Enables you to connect your computer across the Internet from virtually any computer. Pocket PC, or Smartphone. Once connected,
Remote Desktop gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything(that) 's happening on the screen.
+ Remote Desktop Connection: is a technology that allows you to sit at a computer (sometimes called the client computer)
and connect to a remote computer (sometimes called the host computer) in a different location.
+ Telnet Server: Server for the terminal emulation program for TCP/IP networks.
+ Windows Mail: Windows built-in e-mail client known before as Outlook Express.
+ Bitlock Drive Encryption Service
+ Bluetooh Support Service
+ Offline File
+ Windows Defender
+ Advanced UAC
+ Tablet PC
+ Windows Help
+ Windows Cabinet Maker
Simplified Chinese
Table Driven Text Input Processor
Traditional Chinese
DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default
User Account Control (UAC) = Enabled
AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default
Memory requirement = Default
AutoPlay = Enabled
Paging Executive = Enabled
Power scheme = Balanced
Power button = Default
Sleep button = Default
Control Panel - Classic View = Default
Show hidden files and folders = No
Show protected operating system files = No
Show extensions for known file types = No
IE Phishing Filter = Default
IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default

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