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Infernal [Mediafire] Full PC Game
2011-04-24, 8:37 AM

Infernal [Mediafire] Full PC Game

There were lots of game action shooter genre achieved success as FarCry, Battlefield 2142 ... This is under pressure not to go after these guys, requires innovation. Infernal Metropolis Software House is one of them.

Game impress right from the start when challenged by a gunman escaped spectacular of Ryan Lennox. During this scene, you only make a few basic movements such as running, jumping, hiding and shooting. Until you fall into the basement in a small church, then the effects of magic to the character, features of Infernal, a new slowly be opened. From there, Ryan began to use the power of magic.

Magic down one opponent to help Ryan with just a single hit single (in normal conditions is 2 play). The special characteristic of this type is that you can "fire gong" is available by holding the right and then go find opponents. The computer AI is quite smart, know to hide and shoot up, but will not cause many problems for you than the bosses. When using a fire, you will spend 20 mana points for each single hit. Magic will also help Ryan "ghost" to move quickly to a temporary location somewhere in the short time (in seconds), usually used when needed to disable the alarm system in the game.

You pretty much infernal weapons, but when comparing the damage between them, even with guns genuine, then the difference is not significant. At normal playback mode, the game is quite pleasant for a lot of blood and bullets. Restore Mana is not difficult, you just shoot down the enemy in normal mode, another way is to find the location where the magic is restored (usually a relay or steam, which is different from the bright lights strong mana consumption), or use "god eye" to detect hidden blood search points (blue flame) or mana (red flame).

Moving parts and images of characters in the game when compared to the cut scenes are very similar to creating intimacy. Graphics "inherited" the ghost with virtual blur blur, close look beautiful but cause discomfort, difficulty determining when to look away goal. Infernal playing without subtitles, you should pay attention to listen to the talk, especially between Ryan and "bosses", to get some useful information for the next step of action.

Developer: Metropolis Software House
Released: Playlogic / Eidos
Release Date: 02/16/2007
Category: Action
ESRB: Teen
System: PC

P4 1,7GHz
VGA ATI 9600/NVIDIA 5950
HDD 2GB; Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Infernal PCInfernal screenshot

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