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HDD Regenerator 2011
2011-12-18, 11:47 AM

                         HDD Regenerator 2011 | PC Software | {7MB}

Hard disk drive is an integral part of every computer. It stores all your information. One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on a disk surface. Bad sectors are a part of the disk surface which contains not readable, but frequently necessary information.

As a result of bad sectors you may have difficulties to read and copy data from your disk, your operating system becomes unstable and finally your computer may unable to boot altogether. When a hard drive is damaged with bad sectors, the disk not only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk losing information stored on it.

HDD Regenerator will help you repair damaged hard disk sectors without affecting or changing existing data. As a result, previously unreadable and inaccessible information is restored.

Here are some key features of "HDD Regenerator":-

· Fast hard drive problems detection
· Ability to detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface
· Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface
· No data losses in any mode!
· User friendly intuitive interface
· Drive statistics
· Starting process directly under Windows XP / Vista / 7
· Bootable regenerating flash, CD/DVD

                                                            Password:- raja

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